Ballet in two acts on music of Peter Tchaykovsky
Libretto: Oleksiy Baklan and Aniko Rakhviashvili based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault
Choreography: Aniko Rakhviashvili revised by Tetiana Borovyk

 Cinderella is working hard while her Stepmother and Stepsisters prepare for a magnificent ball given by the prince of the land.

Only Cinderella is left home alone when the others head to the ball. She is very sad and begins to dream of dancing at the ball in a beautiful dress.

The Fairy Godmother can see how sad Cinderella is, and takes pity on her. 

She transforms Cinderella’s ugly old dress into a stunning ball gown.

The Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that at midnight the magic will vanish!

The ball is in full swing and every girl in the land is trying to win the eye of the Prince, particularly the Stepmother and her daughters.

But when Cinderella arrives and the Prince sees her in her beauty it is love at first sight for both of them.

As the night goes on the prince and Cinderella fall more in love, even though the Stepsisters try their very best to distract him.

Cinderella has such a great time that she forgets the Fairy Godmother’s warning! 

She leaves the ball in a great hurry and forgets her lovely slipper.

The Prince is desperate to find the girl he fell in love with at the ball, and many women come to his palace to try on Cinderella’s slipper. But none of them can fit their foot into the slipper! 

The Prince travels all across the land to search for the right girl. Cinderella returns to her house and all her work, thinking of the Prince. She doesn’t think she will ever see him again.

The Stepsisters think they have been a great hit with the Prince and each dream excitedly of marrying him.

As part of his search, the Prince comes to visit Cinderella’s house. The Stepsisters try their very best to fit into the shoe but their feet are far too big for it.

The Prince realises Cinderella fits the slipper perfectly and that she is the girl he fell in love with. They are ready to begin their lives together.