Closer Than Love
Ballet in one act on music of Johann Pachelbel, Georg Friedrich Handel, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Antonio Vivaldi, Ezio Bosso, Alessandro Marchello
Choreography: Artem Shoshyn

«Closer Than Love» is a one-act ballet about the most important feeling in every person’s life, and in the life of all mankind. The theme of this performance is the path after the rise of the relationship between lovers – from the blossoming of love, through breakup, to that which remains after the love dies – empti-ness and fear of loneliness.   Three stages of love are symbolized by three pairs of artists. Each stage of the relationship in the performance turns into a thrill -ing story, filled with deep emo-tions, psychological allusions and pulsating sensations of true passion. Their dance proposes deep questions: «What does true love look like? And does it exist at all?»